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25th Year Anniversary!

About Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service in Dunn, NC

Johnson's is a local repair facility that offers excellent repair services at a reasonable price. We strive to fix any type of vehicle to our customer's specifications and satisfaction.

Although a small shop located in the country, we have a wide selection of necessary equipment to repair vehicles. When we run into a problem, we have repair hotlines where experts supply us with details to make necessary repairs. Our staff is friendly and attentive to the customer's needs. We also provide towing services and body work.

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Staff News

Austin and Lindsay Johnson's New Arrival

Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service, has some very exciting news! We are once again expanding! We are more than excited to welcome another baby to Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service. Click here to read the extended introduction to our newest family member.

The Carr's Family Baby Boy!

Baby Is Here! Here at Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service, Incorporated, we are proud to announce the newest member of our extended family. Our lead technician, Billy Carr and his wife Heather Carr had their baby boy, Colt Henry Carr. He was born on August 15, 2017 at 4:36pm. He weighed in at 6lbs 13oz, 21 1/2" long. One of our technicians, Reggie, made the comment he was ready to start changing oil. He is a beautiful, bundle of just pure joy to us, but more especially to Billy and Heather. We are so excited for them and wish them all the luck in the world on this next chapter of their life. Bill Carr baby boy

Other News! Two of our staff members just got married this summer with their beautiful brides: Billy and Austin. We wish them a marriage filled with love and joy. Congratulations!

Jesse has completed a Management Success! Training Class

Jesse has just returned from Management Success!'s Training Class in California. Not only do we try to keep up with technical changes in the automotive industry, but we also enhance our business skills. Jesse actually felt like he learned new information that will be very helpful as we try to provide the best service for our customers.

Congratulations Jesse!

We would like to congratulate two of our automotive technicians employed here at Johnson’s for their hard work in becoming ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified. Becoming ASE certified is all done voluntarily. ASE certified mechanics are mechanics that have fulfilled the voluntary requirements for certification by the U.S. National Institute for Automotive Excellence Service. ASE certified mechanics are generally viewed as better candidates for employment by employers. Certified mechanics can also be reassuring for individual consumers who want to ensure their vehicles receive work from competent, highly professional mechanics.

One test can consider you ASE certified, however, Billy Carr is ASE certified with six individual tests passing them all. Billy became certified in:

  • A1-Engine Repairs
  • A2-Auto Transactions/Transaxles
  • A3-Manual Drive Trains and Axles
  • A4-Suspension and Steering
  • A6-Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • A7-Heating/Air Conditioning

Congratulations Billy!

We also have Jesse Johnson who became ASE Master certified by taking all 9 tests and passing them all in a 2 day period. He became certified in:

  • A1-Engine Repair
  • A2-Auto Transactions/Transaxle
  • A3-Manual Drive Trains and Axle
  • A4-Suspension and Steering
  • A5-Brakes
  • A6-Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • A7-Heating/Air Conditioning
  • A8-Engine Performance
  • A9-Light Vehicle Diesel Engines

Johnson’s is proud to employ such highly motivated mechanics. Thanks guys for your hard work and dedication.

In The Community

Our condolences go out to Donna Barefoot click here to read her story.

Meet the Team

Jeff | ASE Technician / Mechanic

Jerry Johnson
President and Manager - 22 years

Jerry Johnson works on cars today because of a series of events in his life that led him into this career path. When Jerry was a kid, his brother and himself received one bicycle for the both of them at Christmas, so you can imagine how much it got rode. They wore out every moving part on that bicycle. They had to replace several sets of crank bearings, and several rear ends. They had to even replace the fork bearings a couple of times, along with putting boots inside of the tires where they dragged them on the highway until they had holes in them. When he was 15, a friend of his had a 1962 Ford Falcon car they had to work on in order for them to ride around. He enjoyed working on things so much he took Auto Tech for 2 years in high school. They rebuilt engines, worked with different cams, carbs, front ends, and transmissions in his friend's 1967 Chevy powered Firebird. He learned a lot then.

He was farming with his dad and wanted to be a farmer but his dad wanted him to go to school after he finished high school, so he did. He went to Wayne Community College for 2 years to take Auto and Diesel Technology; he figured he could work on farm equipment. When he first got out of school he got a job at Auburn Pontiac in Raleigh and stayed with his sister for a while. He said that was an adventure. A friend of his offered him a job in Goldsboro, which was closer to home in 1977 working on Mazda's and a VW's and he worked with him a while and decided he wanted to farm again. He tried farming for 2 years, and then had to get a job to pay off farming debts. He went to work at Plainview Auto and Truck center and his son Jesse was born while working there. A couple of years passed by and he worked at other places like at an independent shop with his friend working an foreign and European cars, at Honda in Goldsboro, Ford place in Smithfield, where he worked one day and got a raise for his go and get it attitude. Then he went to Benson Ford in Benson and started rebuilding automatic transmissions. He was also working on cars and trucks at night at home. After 2 years he decided to build a shop of his own and got started on his own in March 1993 and had 3 people working for him. He built onto the shop in 1995 adding a transmission room and another bay. Then in 2003, he built a new shop with 5 more bays making 8 bays total. In 2013, we now have a paint and body shop, 10 full time employees and 3 part time. He also started a car lot in 2004 to stay busy during the slow times.

Eddie - Service Writer

Service Writer - 7 Years

Austin | Service Technician / Mechanic

Austin Johnson
Service Technician - 5 years

Jeff | ASE Technician / Mechanic

Jesse Johnson
ASE Master Certified Technician and Transmission Specialist - 13 years

Jesse Johnson graduated from South Johnston High School in 2002. He started his Auto Carreer at a small shop in Meadow doing light mechanical work, tires and running the front desk. He then sought employment with Bleecker Chrysler Dodge Jeep where he was further molded by Chrysler Group, LLC.

Enjoying those 4 years, he had learned a great deal by reading, going to Chrysler schools, internet classes, and work experiences. He then came to Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service in 2006.

Since then he has been married for 7 years now to his beautiful wife Traci Johnson and gaining a wonderful stepson River Blackman. In January of 2009 they received the greatest gift of all, a little boy. Camdyn Johnson was given to them by God on January 4, 2009.

Jesse does all the transmission repairs, lots of diagnostics, and electrical repairs. He has received his ASE Master Certification was also a big accomplishment to better him-self and the whole team at Johnson's. Jesse has a big heart and spends a majority of his time at work and the rest with his "perfect little family." He has one golden rule, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right.


Advanced Marketing Program

Jeff | ASE Technician / Mechanic

Reggie Rich
Auto Tech Aide/ Detailer - 4 year

Reggie is a hard worker and a joy to be around. He is always willing to help anyone who needs it and handles our oil changes, tire changes, detailing of cars, and helping with anything we need here in the office.

Jeff | ASE Technician / Mechanic

Bill Carr
ASE Certified Mechanic - 5 years

Billy is now 22 years old. He started his automotive career at South Johnston High School where he took auto mechanics taught by James Cox, his first mentor, who guided him to where he is today. He started working at Johnson's Transmissions & Auto Service, Inc. part time while he was still in high school in 2010. He began his career at Johnson's washing cars and doing oil changes. Bill's greatest mentor, Jerry Johnson, took him under his wing and taught him most of what he know today. He began to learn more and more every day, so he knew this was what he wanted to do. Bill then decided to go to the Universal Technical Institute where he studied automotive repair for one year leaving with a 4.0 GPA. He returned to Johnson's after that where he has been ever since. Bill is now ASE certified in electrical, heating and a/c, suspension and steering, manual drive transmissions, automatic transmission, and engine repair. He specialize mostly in electrical and engine repair, however, he can do most anything in all of the listed areas. Bill has been at Johnson's for five years now. He enjoys working here and everyone is like family to him. He plans on staying with us for a very long time.

Dean | Auto Body and Paint Technician

Dean Hyatt
Paint and Body Work Technician with over 30 years experience. 3 year with Johnson's.

General Shop Maintenance 6 years

George Johnson - General Shop Maintenance 5 years

Melisa Barbour-Used Car Sales Rep. & Office Assistant 1 year

ASE Certified | Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service in Dunn, NC

Our Auto Mechanics

Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service employs ASE Certified Technicians in Dunn, NC. An ASE Certification signifies a commitment to excellence by a technician. To be certified, an auto repair and car repair mechanic must pass difficult, national tests on the most current methods and models, meaning they must constantly be learning about new technologies as these develop. Auto repair and car repair technicians must also re-test every five years to keep their certification.

ASE Master Technicians

Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service employs ASE Certified Master Technicians, a certification which means that our Dunn, NC mechanics are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence on every mechanical and electrical component and system. Our Johnson's Transmission & Auto Service ASE Certified Master Technicians must keep current certifications in eight areas: Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Electrical/Electronic Systems, Brakes, Heating and Air Conditioning, Suspension and Steering, Manual Drive Train and Axles, and Automatic Transmissions.