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#1 Your Transmission Fluid...

Your transmission fluid works very hard: it cools, lubricates, transfers power and it provides the pressure needed to clamp the transmission clutch plates which provides the forward momentum that drives your car.

We'll check the level and the condition of your transmission fluid:

red box

Normal Normal fluid is clear with no particular odor.

bpink box

Contaminated Contaminated fluid has water or particles.

black box

Burnt Burnt fluid indicates damage from overheating.

brown box

Varnished Varnished fluid has been overheated repeatedly.

transmission fluid check
toyota camry

#2 Road Test...

Our trained technicians will road test your vehicle to experience its performance in normal driving conditions and any problems you noticed, first hand.

#3 Up on the Lift to Check the Controls Underneath

Then our technicians will check under the hood as well as under the car to get a closer look at the possible external causes of problems.

They will also evaluate your vehicles control systems...

...Finally, We'll Scan For Computer Trouble Codes

Transmission Repair in Dunn

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